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Strategic Ventures Special Update: WAVE Drowning Prevention Systems

WAVE Drowning Prevention Systems had a banner 2023 and continues to gain traction heading into 2024 (please click here to view the presentation):

  • Sales are accelerating as 39 systems have been sold in just the first 6 weeks of 2024, up from 52 systems in all of 2023

  • 91 deployments and thousands of users as of January 2024

  • 120% revenue growth over the previous year, with a significant portion recurring

  • WAVE's systems are now being deployed in schools, in addition to YMCAs and Boys and Girls Clubs, with two current school deployments and a third one anticipated by March

  • The company continues to expand outreach efforts, growing its in-house mailing list from approximately 5,800 to over 17,000 industry contacts

  • Olympic medalist Bobby Hackett's endorsement underscores investor confidence in WAVE's technology, emphasizing its life-saving capabilities and market potential

  • WAVE announced the hiring of Derek Johnson as Controller

WAVE has raised over $1.9 million to date. In anticipation of an institutional round, the Company is now raising bridge funding consisting of convertible notes with an 8% coupon and converting at a 20% discount to the next round. WAVE is experiencing a breakout year in 2024, driven by continued market penetration.

For further information on WAVE or to arrange a call with the CEO, Mark Caron, please contact Mitchell Hauser.

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