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Venture Advisory

Our venture advisory service comprises two components: finance strategy and go-to-market strategy. When provided in tandem, these two functions help your business grow and scale, allowing you to focus your efforts on the most important aspect – actually running your business.

We have strong relationships with high-net-worth individuals, angel investor communities, family offices, venture capital funds, and large institutional investors in the Impact space. Our internal database of over 15,000 investors, consultants, engineers, subject-matter experts, and executives will connect you with the people you need throughout your journey.

As entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes before, we are able to help you best position your company for the future.

Finance Strategy

We work with early-stage and growth-stage companies, advising them as they seek funding, from pre-Seed to Series A and beyond. We create and execute the roadmap, leveraging our established network and database of investors to streamline the process to achieve the best possible results. We help with setting up the capital structure of the company, negotiating term sheets, and expanding your investor network.

Go-To-Market Strategy

Strategic Ventures creates and monitors the roadmap for effective go-to-market (GTM) strategy. We ensure the integration of marketing, sales, innovation, and delivery/execution for your company. Our assistance with the GTM strategy involves establishing the product's market positioning, identifying the most suitable customer base, and creating consistent and impactful messaging.

SV Incubator

For companies not yet ready for a full Engagement, we have created a service to allow us to work with promising startups and get them ready to raise capital.

SV Match

For companies that require a minimal level of support but want our help in raising capital, we offer a service that focuses just on fundraising.

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