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Impactful Companies

We work with companies that provide a social benefit. Although there are many ways that we consider a Company “Impactful”, we consider any mission-oriented companies which strive to make the world a better place and improve people's lives.

In addition to the importance of solving environmental or social problems, Impactful companies have clear missions that motivate their teams for success. As a result, Impactful companies are more likely to overcome the hurdles that all growing, early stage companies encounter. Much of our compensation relies on the fact that your company will be successful so the above belief is an important aspect of our client criteria.

Through our relationship with NYSERDA and a number of other prominent organizations in the space, we have developed expertise in cleantech, energy and sustainability. While we are open to working with any company where we believe we can add value, our primary area of focus is the cleantech, impact space.

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