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Strategic Ventures Impact Insights: April 2023 (Volume 1, Number 4)

SVR Global

01 Apr 2023

April 2023 (Volume 1, Number 3)

Venture Capital's Obsession With Climate Tech

As governments pressure companies to reduce their carbon footprint, there are increasing opportunities for startups and established companies to innovate to support a green transition.

The climate technology industry has exploded in the past decade, with more than $70 billion invested in 2022 and another record-breaking year expected in 2023. PWC estimates that more than one-quarter of all venture capital funding is now going to climate technology, with a focus on decarbonization. Universities are also adjusting to the anticipated demand by introducing climate-specific degree programs.

Climate tech has the potential to address one of the most pressing challenges of our time, but achieving those goals will require significant investment, innovation, and collaboration across industries and governments.

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YouSolar provides a complete, whole-home solar energy power management system. Unlike solar and battery systems from other companies like Tesla, YouSolar lets homeowners disconnect completely from the grid, providing the most environmentally sustainable solution available. YouSolar’s PowerBloc™ energy system uses a proprietary, patented architecture to provide clean power to homes and businesses.

YouSolar is focusing first on the high-end home market and has already completed several six-figure projects. Northern California, which suffers from wildfires and power outages, is showing robust demand for YouSolar's energy resilience solution.

  • PowerBloc™ combines the advantages of a utility grid and a solar array to deliver a fully integrated solar nano-grid that operates independently of utilities to be the primary power supply for a house while delivering constant, high power for an uninterrupted, sustainable lifestyle.

  • YouSolar has a wide moat, using in-house proprietary technology with patents for almost all components.

  • In March 2023, the company closed its recent StartEngine Crowdfunding Campaign, raising over $1.4MM from over one thousand investors.

  • As a U.S.-based company, YouSolar’s installations benefit from the $360Billion Inflation Reduction Act.

  • Multiple $100K+ recent installations have already been completed in high-end California homes, with over $700K in four recent sales.

In a world that is increasingly affected by climate change, YouSolar offers an innovative way to provide clean power for the world. Click here for more information or contact us to set up a call with Arnold Leitner, YouSolar’s CEO.

SV Engage partner Splash has posted impressive Q1 results. Splash is the most sustainable, environmentally-friendly car wash in China, the world's largest market. Despite eliminating the primary price promotion used for attracting new customers, Splash set a record for new registrations this quarter (14,011). The Company has successfully implemented a price adjustment resulting in:

  • Record $216K revenue this quarter, a 50% increase YOY.

  • Q1 total wash volumes increase by 20% from Q2 2022, despite only adding one additional site.

  • 56% growth in detailing revenue.

  • Continued record-setting growth: 141% daily revenue growth between Q4 and April, 37% growth in same-store daily volumes between Q4 and April

Click here for more information or contact us to set up a call with Rob Shesol, Splash Chairman.

EMPEQ, the leader in automated building site survey technology and the developer of FastSiteSurvey™, which uses One-Click Capture™ to capture detailed, accurate data on building equipment for engineering professionals, continues to gain impressive traction:

  • Onboarded new customer Johnson Controls (JCI) with 30 users and over $9K in MRR, and on track to reach nearly 150 users and almost $18K in MRR by September; with over 15K total field engineers at JCI, the future potential is for nearly $18M in ARR even with volume-based pricing

  • Signed new contract with the USAF which will increase MRR from the USAF by nearly 40%, and projected to reach nearly $32K by Q4’23

  • As of Q1’23, total MRR is nearly $22K, and projected to reach nearly $95K by 4Q’23 and over $425K by 4Q’24 EMPEQ has raised more than $430K raised in their latest seed round, with $315K left before the round closes.

Click here for more information or contact us.

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