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Strategic Ventures Impact Insights: January 2023 (Volume 1, Number 1)

SVR Global

31 Dec 2022

January 2023 (Volume 1, Number 1)

Welcome to Our Monthly Newsletter

As we enter the new year, we invite you to follow along with us as we highlight industry news and trends and share progress in our portfolio companies. We encourage you to reach out to us if one of our portfolio companies interests you, if you would like to learn more about Strategic Ventures, or would like to discuss industry trends.

Renewables Named as a Top Investing Trend by Forbes

Forbes Advisor recently wrote an article detailing what it considered to be the 9 top investing trends headed into 2023. Among these trends is a new interest in renewables. There are many drivers that lead to an optimistic outlook for renewable energy. Both the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill of 2021 and the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022 pave the way for trillions of federal investments available for renewable energy projects. The IRA includes numerous investments in climate protection. These investments include tax credits that will be made available to offset energy costs and reduce carbon emissions as well as investments in clean energy production. The natural gas shortage resulting from EU conflicts have increased momentum behind policies geared towards clean and renewable energy sources. View Full Article Here:

Andluca develops advanced solar materials, coatings, and embedded systems for the glass industry. By harvesting UV solar energy, Andluca's technology reduces greenhouse gasses and building/home energy usage.

WAVE has developed a low-cost, elegant solution to the silent epidemic of accidental drowning. WAVE's ultralight, wearable technology is now deployed at aquatic facilities and homes across the country, protecting the lives of thousands of swimmers every day. Recently, WAVE was featured in the latest issue of the International Journal of Critical Illness and Injury Science. Dr. Molly Johnson and Dr. Karla Lawson published the first-ever peer-reviewed study on the real-world effectiveness of technology used to prevent drowning at pools with large groups of children. The findings indicate a breakthrough in drowning prevention, with 93% of lifeguards and staff surveyed agreeing or strongly agreeing that using WAVE could help save someone's life. Another 80% said WAVE helps lifeguards be more aware of how long swimmers are underwater.

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Splash is providing the best car wash experience in the Chinese market with the smallest environmental footprint. With over 50 existing locations and 94,000 registered users, Splash has become the market leader in quality, technology, and sustainability. In just the first 8 days of January, Splash has already reached 41% of its average monthly revenues for Q422 (which was their best quarter ever), and 43% of its average monthly wash volumes. In fact, they’ve booked their 2nd and 3rd best wash days ever since January 1, with overall total daily wash volumes close to 1,100 for the month – nearly 25% higher than Splash’s best monthly average so far.

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