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Strategic Ventures Impact Insights: February 2023 (Volume 1, Number 2)

SVR Global

31 Jan 2023

February 2023 (Volume 1, Number 2)

3 Hot Areas for Impact Investing

According to Business Insider, there will be 3 hot areas for impact investing over the next decade:

  1. Regenerative agriculture.

  2. Energy analytics for companies and consumers.

  3. Commercial shipping.

Venture Capital and Private Equity funds searching for climate solutions raised a record $64B in 2022 and are planning to deploy capital. Additionally, the Inflation Reduction Act will provide $370B in federal subsidies over the next decade, targeted at expanding renewable energy and sustainable manufacturing.

According to Business Insider, regenerative agriculture, energy analytics, and commercial shipping solutions are the “Hot Areas” where VCs are investing in 2023. Strategic Ventures is well-positioned to help our portfolio companies continue to thrive in this dynamic and exciting environment.

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Splash is the most sustainable, environmentally-friendly carwash in China, the world’s largest market. Their patented water-reclamation technology recycles over 83% of the water used, and customers love it, with tremendous growth over the last year and an enormous opportunity ahead:

  • Splash began 2023 by adding over 5000 new users within the first 4 weeks

  • Average daily volumes (total washes) increased by 45% in January despite record-breaking volumes and revenue in Q4 ‘22

  • 51 car wash sites today which is rated #1 in the market by customers

Click here for more information or contact us to set up a call with Rob Shesol, Splash’s Chairman and Co-Founder.

EMPEQ collects, quantifies, and presents building energy equipment data 50 to 80% faster than any current methods. EMPEQ’s Fast Site Survey(™) (FSS) application and cutting-edge One-Click Capture(™) technology have propelled EMPEQ to 260% year-over-year revenue growth as they have added marquee customers like Siemens, Johnson Controls, and the US Air Force. EMPEQ’s big vision is to reduce GHG emissions significantly by allowing companies to upgrade their aging HVAC equipment faster through more efficient surveys and the financing needed to do the job. SV is now working with EMPEQ to raise the next round of growth capital.

Click here for more information or contact us to set up a call with Herb Dwyer, EMPEQ’s CEO.

YouSolar allows people to power their lives independently, providing a fully-integrated, grid-independent solar power system including inverters, batteries, modular architecture, seamless integration of any generators, and true plug-and-play installation and use. Energy costs from a YouSolar PowerBloc are a fraction of that from a propane or diesel generator which are traditionally used for backup of off-grid power. YouSolar has engaged SV to raise additional funds to broaden its reach and impact.

Click here for more information or contact us to set up a call with Arnold Leitner, YouSolar's CEO

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