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Strategic Ventures Impact Insights: December 2023 (Volume 1, Number 12)

SVR Global

01 Dec 2023

December 2023 (Volume 1, Number 12)

The increasing focus on climate change and the adoption of net-zero mandates are generating a demand for energy efficiency solutions. CircuitMeter offers a comprehensive solution tailored for commercial, industrial, institutional, and high-density residential energy analytics. Their platform includes real-time energy data, integrated cyber-secure internet communications, and robust enterprise software for energy analytics. This empowers businesses with a range of best practices in energy management, aiming to enhance efficiency and reduce operating costs.

KingSett Capital announced that the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto received its Zero Carbon certification, marking a significant milestone as the first major hotel in North America to earn this distinction. Jon Love, CEO of KingSett Capital, the hotel's owner, discussed this groundbreaking accomplishment in an insightful interview with Bloomberg. Mr. Love highlights the pivotal role played by CircuitMeter's granular energy data generation and analysis in initiating the landmark hotel's transformation. He also talks about the major operating cost reductions that will result from the program, and the boost in market profile that they expect by showing leadership and vision in this area.

In a separate interview, he notes that five years ago the Royal York ranked poorly in terms of energy efficiency among Fairmont hotels, which makes their climb to best in the portfolio notable because he goes on to say that the entire industry can use the Royal York as an example of what is possible. CircuitMeter energy data was a vital input into the design process, and the company is thrilled that the potential for deep energy retrofits is being proven both in terms of lowering operating costs and planning optimized energy-related capital investment, while also being financially attractive. ngsett-capital-s-jon-love~2808499

The project has great significance for the entire energy retrofit industry. If it is feasible for a 100-year-old, energy-inefficient building to be completely transformed, it is an inspiration to all as to what is possible with energy data, design know-how, and vision.

For further information on CircuitMeter or to arrange a call with the CEO, Paul Mertes, please contact Mitchell Hauser

Data Analytics and Climate Action

In the current global business, economic, and political landscape, data-driven decision-making has become a pivotal factor in maintaining a competitive edge. Data’s proliferation brought about by technological advances, the internet, social media, and the embedding of software and intelligence into everything has drawn a sharp line between how things were done in the last century vs. how they are done now.

According to a Forbes article, data is probably the thing that matters most. It is the Delphic oracle that determines how each industry can critically and more confidently prepare for what’s ahead. In the same vein, it is the recorder of past errors and misjudgments that help businesses and other sectors learn, pivot, and survive. It’s the foundation that supports successful management and operations across nearly every industry.

Sectors that have benefited heavily from Data Analytics


Companies that implement the right data analytics are able to enhance their overall performance and effectiveness, from improving customer experience to efficient operations, using data as a tool for network optimization, attracting customers, fraud prevention, targeted marketing, sales growth, network performance analysis, and cost optimization.


Using present and past data gathered from health information systems and other tools used by agencies involved in the healthcare sector, healthcare analytics is vital in supporting decision making at both the patient and the business level. Data analytics paves the way for more accurate diagnoses, more effective treatment programs, overall improvement in patient care, and better patient outcomes. For the business, data analytics greatly reduces errors, streamlines processes and operations, and lowers costs.


Data analytics helps retailers optimize performance, reducing costs by identifying more efficient ways of doing business and improving the mix of goods offered. Retailers use data analytics to identify customer behavioral trends, preferences, and satisfaction, helping increase customer lifetime value (CLV), average purchase size, follow-on engagement, and customer profitability.


The travel and tourism industry uses data analytics to optimize revenue management, personalize customer experiences, improve marketing, and predict trends ultimately helping travel and tourism agencies enhance revenue, mitigate risk, and increase efficiencies.

Data Analytics for Climate Change

Data Analytics helps improve our understanding of the Earth's climate, and facilitates the development of more effective strategies for addressing the many challenges posed by climate change.

According to a paper on data science and climate, data-based models and decision-support techniques offer a more comprehensive understanding of the complexities of climate change. Data analytics are applied in scientific research and decision sciences in an integrated manner, leading to important insights into pressing climate issues. One of the most important sectors for climate change that is leveraging novel approaches to analyzing data for the greatest impact is Energy.

The energy sector is multi-dimensional, with many different forms of energy generation, transmission, monitoring, distribution, conservation, and environmental impacts. Getting a handle on these dimensions and the complex interactions among them is crucial if we are to address climate change effectively. Energy Analytics, a fast-growing specialty within Data Analytics, helps enable strategic decisions on energy efficiency, conservation, and implementation of operational programs that reduce costs and increase reliability and output. One such company, using embedded sensors and data capture to produce data analytics that help reduce consumption is Circuit Meter.

CircuitMeter builds a low-cost electrical metering solution for commercial and industrial buildings. The information is delivered through a cloud-based service that provides remote monitoring capabilities with historical and real-time data from all electrical equipment within a single building or from a portfolio of buildings of any size. Its breakthrough technology provides historical and real-time detailed analysis through the use of visualizations and reports enabling facilities managers to see a sample of their energy information from an enterprise level right down to a specific circuit within a building. To read more about CircuitMeter, go to

The car wash market in China (the world’s largest market) is just beginning to take off. Splash continues to ride this enormous wave and they’ve had continued solid growth across their portfolio:

  • Secured $1.3m in funding during Q3’23, surpassing the initial target of $750k in the internal bridge investment round.

  • Enriched the network of external advisors in Q3’23, welcoming notable figures such as Andreas Weckherlin (former CEO, Nestlé China) to join Splash’s Board of Directors.

  • Chris Patte (Head of Digital Customer Experience for Asia Pacific, Starbucks) and Qi Yong Zhou (Chairman, Investment Division, Bank of China) joined Splash’s Advisory Board.

  • Attained top rankings on Meituan and TikTok, with Splash now leading in positive customer responses, and repurchase rates, and being listed as "Customer's Favorites" among carwash operators.

  • Despite Q3 challenges, the detailing business stood out with a remarkable 26% growth in Average Transaction Value (ATV) from 74.3 RMB in Q2’23 to 93.5 RMB in Q3’23.

  • Successfully closed a partnership with Suzhou’s Sheng Shi Sheng Huo in Q3’23, aligning with China’s development plans for mega charging stations.

For further information or to set up time to speak with Splash's CEO, Rob Shesol, please contact Tony Coretto

WAVE Drowning Prevention Systems continues to build momentum:

  • Over 60 pools in the final stages of the sales pipeline (including a trial with one of the largest YMCA associations in the US), indicating a strong finish for the current year and a promising start to 2024.

  • New headquarters was established at 26 Pearl Street in Norwalk, CT, signaling a strategic move for the company.

  • WAVE’s next-generation smaller, lighter headset is now ready for deployment!

This month, we welcome Katrina Tan to the SV team as Communications Manager. She is in charge of client outreach, research, and other administrative tasks. She is from the Philippines and has worked extensively in the BPO industry as a Product Trainer and Operations Manager for various firms. To learn more about Kat, please click here.

SV Managing Director Tony Coretto visited Cartagena, Colombia recently. Founded in 1533 by the Spaniards, Cartagena is a walled city of colorful colonial buildings, beautiful beaches, and outdoor markets. It’s also the birthplace of famed artist and sculptor Fernando Botero, noted for his monumentally exaggerated figures (a style that became known as “Boterismo”); a great example is the pictured sculpture of a reclining woman, spotted by Tony on a stroll through the old town.

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